We have been producing

the best cow’s milk for generations



For many years, a symbiosis of human beings and animals. The feeling, the knowledge, the pleasure, it is in our genes. It was so in the past and it is still so. We have been brought up working with cows for many generations.


South Holland

A dairy farmer in Moerkapelle since 1980. Our farm has been rooted here for generations. This photo reflects our love of cows. ‘Josi’ during the dairy show in Gouda, 1987.


Farm in Kantens

In 1988, we moved to the village of Kantens in the province of Groningen. The mostimportant reasons were the space and the opportunity to develop the farm. We also consciously chose to move to a region where there were both dairy and arable farms. We have always focused on cooperating with arable farmers.


Shifting boundaries

Since the end of the 1990’s, we have been increasingly oriented towards international dairy farming. We have achieved this by becoming members of the European Dairy Farmers and Global Dairy Farmers organisations, and owner of DairyNext. The photo shows a visit to the dairy show in Hangzhou, China.


Comfort stalls

In 2000, we built new farm buildings. Extensive attention was given to the climate in the stalls and the comfort of the cows. This means that we use modern techniques to promote the health and well-being of our cattle, techniques that reflect today’s ideas on animal welfare.


Transparency and Sustainability

In 2016, we added a free stall barn with two automatic milking systems. We opted for a barn with special rules for cow comfort and environment. This way we want to optimise cow comfort and focus even more on sustainability.

In addition, the barn is situated in such a way that we can once again graze our cows. In this way, our cows can be seen by everyone and we meet a social desire.

For generations

Milk is a fantastic product. You can also turn milk into attractive and healthy dairy products. Dairy products form part of a healthy diet. That was the case in the past, it is currently the case and will also be the case in the future.

Ad van Velde

A glimpse of the past