Love and passion

for our cows

Who are we and
what do we do

The families of Ad and Annette van Velde have been producing milk for generations. In 1988, they moved from Moerkapelle (South Holland) to an existing dairy farm in the village of Kantens in North Groningen. In 1999, a new farm was established, close to the old location. In 2016, we added a free stall barn and started pasturing. In this way we achieve more cow comfort, more transparency, more sustainability and we take into account the wishes of our society.

Worldwide expertise

European Dairy Farmers

The farm is a member of European Dairy Farmers(EDF). EDF is a study group of more than 300 European dairy farmers. Trends, farm strategy, vision, cost and received prices are important themes within EDF.

Global Dairy Farmers

We are also actively involved in Global Dairy Farmers (GDF). This is a platform for dairy farmers from all over the world. The organisation focuses, among other things, on exchanging new ideas, trends and developments in the area of dairy farming and the dairy industry.

With love
and passion

Our dairy cows form the foundation of our farm. We grow crops on the land that are the basis of healthy feed for our cows. Everything is grown as naturally as possible. It is extraordinary that cows can produce high-quality products such as milk from products that are unsuitable for human consumption. We treat our cattle with great respect. They provide the income for the Van Velde family and healthy dairy products for many people.

Every day, it pleases us to work in a natural environment, one in which the welfare of our animals is what counts. It is fantastic to smell the freshly mown grass in the spring and to work surrounded by warm cow bodies on a cold winter’s morning. It is also great to teach a newborn calf to drink. After all, you know that the animal will stay with you for years. In the autumn, it is fine to see that it has been a fertile summer and that sufficient feed has been produced for the cows.


Milk must be an honest product. At Hunsingo Dairy we produce as much milk as possible from roughage, for which the basis is linked to the soil. We produce roughage on our own farm. On very fertile clay, close to the Wadden Sea. A region with the cleanest air in the Netherlands. Cows are ruminants and therefore good quality roughage is a precondition for effective milk production.

Dairy products

We supply dairy products every day via an entirely transparent production process. From the production of fodder on the land, through milk production at the farm to the final milk, yoghurt or other dairy products. We offer a guaranteed honest and sustainable product from a 100% transparent production chain. The consumer has insight into the entire chain, we are completely open about our working methods and make all processes within our farm clear to our customers.


Our herd has been made up of crosses of Holstein, Fleckvieh and Scandinavian Red and White Cattle for more than a decade. The result is an independent and sustainable cow. A cow that is healthy and suits our farm.


Get to know us! We love cows and want to get the best out of them.

We do this by providing them with the perfect living environment.

  • Annette van Velde
    Annette van Velde
  • Ad van Velde
    Ad van Velde


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